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Katah’s Atelier du Livre
located at the
Dragon Dance Theatre  studios
Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada.
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Gaza, Punishing the Innocent is a collection of 40 lino-cuts engraved by Sam Kerson and originally printed by Katah at her Atelier du Livre in Quebec.

The images have been created over the years, as historical incidents inspired the artist to create them. Sam Kerson was actively involved in the Six Day War, as a sailor in the US Sixth Fleet, and since then has felt compelled to follow the latest developments in this ongoing series of violent encounters between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

The images presented in this book were started during the Hanukkah assault on Gaza, December 2008 to January 2009, and have been developed over the last 15 years.

The publication of the book was precipitated by the latest assault  on Gaza, which started in October 2023.   

More recently we decided to image the “Innocents”. During this recent and worst conflict we have concentrated on images of children, mothers, and people engaged in peaceful practices such as planting trees.

We hope this book might be useful to those of you working for and calling for peace.

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Images of 25 linoleum-block prints from our shared history of nuclear power, with its intense graphic images by Sam Kerson,
This book includes a forward by author and activist Bernardo Olmedo plus an introduction by Candyce Paul of the Poplar/Aspen Tree Home Dene (English River First Nation) in Saskatchewan.
The volume you will receive includes detailed captions about each image.
We hope our book will be useful to readers, collectors, teachers and all of you who have been engaged in the struggle to make the world safer for future generations.

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A band of college students confront the status quo on the streets and in the cultural and commercial centers of San Francisco. College students from rural New England throw themselves into the fight for liberation and peace, make love not war, power to the people and you are what you eat, are among the cries of their marches and interventions. A novel and memoir of performance artists in SF in 1970.

Books in 4 languages:

Some books are in English, there are also some in Spanish, some in French,

some are bilingual, some are multilingual, including Zapotec.  

Narratives and Artist books in paperback format

Comprehensive memoirs such as The Awakening of Baxter Bagley and Brigadistas,

biographies such as Still Lives and Street Angels

as well as artist books (in paperback format)

rich with graphics in digital format such as Hiroshima to Fukushima


Original hand pulled and limited editios

Artist books and print portfolios:

for collectors who are interested in original prints,

original artist books as well as portfolios, there is another web site;

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