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Are you getting ready for Halloween. Looking for stories to tell? Wondering about Day of the Dead, the traditional Mexican holiday? Seeing skeletons in the tree branches?

Remember dancing around the fire, cutting up the pumpkins, getting together with your friends, showing your kids how it was done.  How could a book replace those chilly, full-moon-nights at the edge of summer, on the first nights of winter?

Maybe this fine collection of images of Dia de Los Muertos in Oaxaca will suit you. Make yourself comfortable and let your imagination loose.

  Enjoy the well-tuned sequence of playful and profound images. We have included the Martiniana, that mournful song from the Ancient Zapotec culture, still alive today and perhaps calling you to Oaxaca.

The images are from the countryside and celebrate life close to nature. But especially close to the opening in the milky-way that occurs on this one night a year so that the souls of the dead can visit the places and the people they left behind. A very old tradition of the Americas.


We created this series as linoleum block prints, 38 amazing and original images on the theme of the traditional Dia de los Muertos. 

The original prints are available

as single prints for $ 150 USD,


the full series set in a beautiful custom-made box

for USD $4200. 

E-mail us for details. 

We have also set this series of images up in a paperback book, excellent quality reproductions. All Black and White. Lino cuts by Sam Kerson. Introduction by Bernardo Olmedo. In English and Spanish.  Available now on Amazon. Published by Katah at Dragon Dance Theatre’s Atelier du Livre in Quebec.

Check out the book at this link;

  Get ready Halloween is coming!!

     Your artist friends in Quebec,

         Sam and Katah

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