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Civil Rights

A portfolio of Linoleum block prints by Sam Kerson

Created in the '90 as part of a design for a mural proposal, these images are now being printed in limited editions

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It was when Dr. King went to speak to the Sanitation workers in Memphis Tennessee that he was assassinated.

Text about Fannie Lou Hamer


Text about Diane Nash


Text about Justice John Doar




Medgar and Myrlie Evers Worked with the NAACP in Jackson Mississippi. Medgar was a Veteran of the US Army and landed at Normandy. He was very active in integrated education in organizing for the NAACP and in voting rights. He was shot down in June 1963, Just months before John F Kennedy was assassinated..History in the USA is simply appalling.


Everyone knows Rosa Park's story. It was not that long ago that she took her seat at the front of the bus, refusing to obey the law that said, as a black woman she had to give up her seat to any white person who entered the bus. She simply stayed in her seat 'til she was arrested. How courageous.

Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner. Murdered by the KKK in Mississippi, June 1964. They were working for the right to vote.
The search for their bodies turned up a number of other disappeared black people. Black people were being murdered in Mississippi as if the KKK had a right to their lives. No one investigated no one was prosecuted. Terrorism was the order of the day...

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